Emotional Intelligence Core Competency 1 Self Awareness What is self-awareness? The ability to know your character, thoughts, actions and emotions. At R. Garza Elementary, we are a community of learners who are accepted, loved and safe. Dr. Avila, School Counselor https://youtu.be/v7nxu4NKg1M Read Aloud THIS IS A SCHOOL written by John Schu https://youtu.be/OTXvSSx73nk
6 days ago, Rosie Campos
Emotional Intelligence Core Competency 5-Social Skills What are social skills? The ability to interact with others through positive communication and listening. At R. Garza Elementary, we use our strengths, interests, and talents to make a positive change in our community. Read Aloud PK-2nd https://youtu.be/aZGdwTqMGWo Read Aloud 3rd-5th Grade https://youtu.be/ma1F9QHAYJg Companion Activity PowerPoint PreK-5th https://bit.ly/3BYwELu
13 days ago, Rosie Campos
Hands Are Not for Hitting
It was a great day at R. Garza Elementary to connect and collaborate, and to celebrate self-expression during International Dot Day with Peter H. Reynolds. https://youtu.be/E9NCoI1SvgQ
19 days ago, Rosie Campos
International Dot Day
Emotional Intelligence Empathy Core Competency 4 At R. Garza Elementary, we believe that with acceptance, kindness, and strength we stand united. Dr. Avila, School Counselor youtu.be/hNJ-0rjkab4 Video Link and PPT Presentation bit.ly/3xjwLie
20 days ago, Rosie Campos
You, Me and Empathy
Emotional Intelligence Motivation Core Competency 3 At R. Garza Elementary, we know and believe that we can do anything that we set our minds on doing. Dr. Avila, School Counselor https://youtu.be/kgwfmbp-7Ik I Believe I Can https://youtu.be/3H-Y041pTZg
27 days ago, Rosie Campos
I Believe I Can
Emotional Intelligence Self Regulation Core Competency 2 What is Self-Regulation? The ability to manage your thoughts, behavior, emotions, and body movements according to the situation. At R. Garza Elementary, we learn to sort and define our emotions and make the right choices. Howard B. WiggleBottom Learns to Listen Read Aloud-PreK-3rd Grade https://youtu.be/LG-CfVsWxF4 I Can Handle It! Read Aloud 4th-5th Grade https://youtu.be/Nxl0fHOiAqs Self-Regulation Skills: Why They Are Fundamental Video 4th-5th Grade https://youtu.be/m4UGDaCgo_s
about 1 month ago, Rosie Campos
Self Regulation
Emotional Intelligence Self Awareness Core Competency 1 Dr. Avila, School Counselor https://youtu.be/mb8xEjGpn2w A Letter from Your Teacher on the First Day of School Read Aloud https://youtu.be/d5cDeFBCeos Mrs. Campos, School Librarian Read Aloud youtu.be/NyjjSxlCUvA
about 1 month ago, Rosie Campos
Self Awareness
Please join us August 18 for a presentation and discussion on safety & security measures McAllen ISD has in place for the protection of students and staff at our schools. Join us at McAllen High School from 6-7:30pm
2 months ago, McAllen ISD
McAllen ISD Safety and Security
Core Competency 4: Empathy Title: The Cool Bean At R. Garza Elementary, we believe KINDNESS IS COOL. Read Aloud https://youtu.be/qs7WOiCJnkc Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/Jm6X-R7b0os
5 months ago, Rosie Campos
The Cool Bean
It's Not Fair Written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal At R. Garza Elementary, we know that fairness is everyone getting what they need to be their best. https://youtu.be/jF925qEKgmM
5 months ago, Rosie Campos
It's Not Fair!
Core Competency 1: Self Awareness At R. Garza Elementary, we use our courage, confidence and grit to believe in ourselves. https://youtu.be/GZMg0O3yrzU
5 months ago, Rosie Campos
Core Competency 3: Motivation I Promise Written by LeBron James At R. Garza Elementary, we promise to be the best version of ourselves through our words and actions. https://youtu.be/XXHn2N_8wsc
5 months ago, Rosie Campos
I Promise
STAAR test information on Tuesday, April 26 @ 5:30 pm. Via ZOOM. Hope you join us. Información sobre el examen STAAR el martes 26 de abril a las 5:30 pm. Por ZOOM. Esperamos contar con su presencia
6 months ago, Leticia Villarreal
Core Competency 2: Self Regulation Wilma Jean the Worry Machine Written by Julia Cook At R. Garza Elementary, we understand that worrying is part of life. So, we learn to identify and manage worries. https://pleasantview.bpusd.net/apps/news/article/1212522
6 months ago, Rosie Campos
Wilma Jean the Worry Machine
Our Table Written by Peter H. Reynolds Core Competency 1: Self Awareness At R. Garza Elementary, we value family time and are grateful for the “gift of time shared together.” https://youtu.be/10SoFlM4l20 Official Book Trailer https://youtu.be/2CY7MPHe93U
6 months ago, Rosie Campos
Our Table
Register now! McAllen ISD Mother Appreciation Night will be Thursday, May 5. Click here: https://bit.ly/3tNIc00 ¡Regístrate ahora! La Noche de Agradecimiento a las Madres de McAllen ISD será el Jueves 5 de Mayo. Haga clic aquí: https://bit.ly/3tNIc00
6 months ago, Leticia Villarreal
Words and your heart by: Kate Jane Neal Core Competency 5: Social Skills At R. Garza Elementary, we understand our actions, our words and our voices hold power. https://youtu.be/KUd4qe317KE
6 months ago, Rosie Campos
Words and your heart
UPCOMING EVENTS: APRIL 4-8 R. Garza Elementary will be having a Scholastic Book Fair and celebrating National Library Week. Please join us in celebrating these events. Family Night Event: On Tuesday, April 5th, the book fair will be open extended hours from 4:00-6:30pm. We highly encourage you to try our new digital payment option called eWallet. eWallet is a safe, cashless way for our students to shop our book fair. https://www.scholastic.com/bf/garzaelementaryschool5
6 months ago, Rosie Campos
National Library Week
Hey, Little Ant Core Competency 4: Empathy At R. Garza Elementary, we believe all living things are worthy of respect, equality and dignity. Read Aloud: https://youtu.be/xwWjqByviMI What's inside an Anthill? https://youtu.be/HedZXw_hAbs
6 months ago, Rosie Campos
Hey, Little Ant
WE'RE ALL WONDERS Written by : R.J. Palacio Core Competency 3: Motivation At R. Garza Elementary, we look with kindness to everyone and everything. Read Aloud: PK-5th https://youtu.be/bTX7qjW4g_Q Read Aloud: PreK-K https://youtu.be/QhCoHZHnzrE "Kids On Kindness" Author talks to kids about kindness https://youtu.be/olmM_9r-6l8
7 months ago, Rosie Campos
We're All Wonders